Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!
May your rods bend, and lines stay tight for 2018!

  1. And the same to you!
  2. Merry Christmas Mike! Hope you and the family have a great holiday. Tight lines. Catch you in the new year.

Sat here at Pickering Park, rod is out with sweetcorn on the quiver tip… Let the fun begin!

A great days fishing, one plaice, and one flounder taken home. And a small Whiting put back to catch another day.

  1. Did you get pestered with crabs Mick?
  2. Not too many. The only downside was, it got a bit windy later on in the day. ...hence my box holding my tripod down LOL!!

The other month a Guy who happened to live near me, put a message out on social media asking if he can join them Sea fishing the East Yorkshire Coast as he is not allowed to drive for 6 months because he had a seizure.
Well i replied to him, and arranged a day out Fishing at Bridlington.
And what a day!…. Sunshine! plenty of bites and we had such a laugh.
Now there is one thing I will do, I will always help another fisherman.
Some of you i have helped you out, given you some tackle and Introduced to Fishprep.
And some of you i have met on here…. But all i can say is…. I enjoy fishing and when i am not fishing, it’s nice to see others having fun!

Tight Lines to you all! :)

  1. Your a true gent Mike. Really enjoyed reading that. The fishing family!
  2. It's guys like you Mike Sanderson that are the blood n gut's of our great sport, we need more men like you, though I have no car, nor do I indulge in Sea Fishing .. however we are Anglers, Fly, Sea, or Course ..... We are all Anglers, a brother/sisterhood of men and women that brave the winter winds, snow, hail & rain during the winter (ye right in my case) till the Daffodil n Snowdrop break the frozen ground, and Spring, Summer n Autumn bless the water and bring the fish on to feed, breed and hopefully take our bait.
  3. Thanks Guys!

I went fishing on Thursday with my dad and his friend to Beverley Beck in East Yorkshire.
They had a few roach and perch, while I went after the Pike. Suffice to say I didn’t catch anything this time. But that didn’t matter, the sun was shining and the sky was blue… Yes it was cold. But we had a laugh, like we always do. Also bumped into Peter Stokes who had only just got back into fishing after many years… Its these things that make a good day’s fishing!

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  1. Thanks Trev! Tight Lines mate
  2. the boundary's of country's cant get in the way of a fisher person loving the outdoors .Especially while fishing ..Brother's and Sisters are bound together like no other sport on earth I cant wait to put pictures up of my futcher dinners and for the most part of my fishing ,the ones I put back to fight another day
  3. We may be from many different back grounds Brian from Nations that have seen changes in our lands, some good, some not so, but when we few, we happy few, we band of brothers & sisters lake or riverside are at one with nature and our inner being .. WE are in balance, our harmony will be the sound of water, the singing of birds, and the occasional bleep of bite alarm, the bobbing of float, or twitching of feeder rod. Feel free to join on Facebook on Team Fisherman's Tail's ... there's a link on one of my other comment's we are slowly getting members we Sell, Advise, Help Out but above all we have the banter, craic what ever you wish to call it .. But above all others we are all friends

Off fishing tomorrow, gonna be fishing the River Humber. Hopefully I will catch something, if not I’ll just be glad to be fishing!

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  1. I've fished there, the secret is not to cast too far, most of the flatties are close in! you need a drop net for anything big like cod! I'm thinking of a beach trip in the near future Mick, I'm gonna get one of those bait pumps and get my own lugworms, theres a great youtube video on em, check it out. it looks so simple and a lot easier than digging em!
  2. it's called "collecting lugworm is easy when you know how" just put that in the Youtube search, it's brilliant!!
  3. just had a look. It's a good idea then you can get however much fresh bait you need for a session

I took my Daughter Sea Fishing off Bridlington Harbour Wall, as you can see she loves fishing. Weather was brilliant…. warm, with a slight breeze. We did only catch one small 5oz Plaice, but she did get to hold it, and she can’t wait till next time.

Saw this, and had to share it!

I Got some time off work, planning a fishing trip for tomorrow…. Spent too long in the office, Need to get out there and Touch Base with Nature!

River Derwent, Wressle

  1. Looks very tranquil Mike. See anything moving around?
  2. Saw a few swirls and splashes over by the overhanging bush, couldn't make out what they were.

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