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Looking for the perfect website for anglers? One that’s built by anglers. One with maps, fish species information, permit info, and regulations? A site with boat ramps, disabled access, child friendly fishing areas? Or what about one that lets you search for tackle stores, guides, and accommodation?

Do you like to help others, give tips, share photos, log catches and keep connected to what other fishermen are up to around the world? Then Fishprep is for you!

  • Fishprep® map

    Use the map to explore waters all over the world. The advanced search mode helps refine your search. You can search only the waters with the species you are targeting, find boat ramps, disabled access points, tackle stores, guides and more.

  • Your stream

    The Stream is the home of your social life on Fishprep. Find and follow your fishing buddies and other anglers all over the world. Here you can post your experiences, catches, photos and ask questions.

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard is your Fishprep tool box and log of your activity. Here you can add waters, permit seller's, facilities and businesses.

  • Explore stream

    The perfect mix of posts from the users on Fishprep. Don’t miss the chance to be featured.

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