About Fishprep

Fishprep is built by anglers, for anglers. Together we are the future of fishing!

Fishprep aims to bring anglers together to create the ultimate resource for fishing.

Fishprep is a social information network for everyone interested in recreational fishing. A worldwide online community, information site and social media dedicated to the sport of fishing.

The platform is designed to help share knowledge and information between multiple user types.

Fishing enthusiasts, governmental authorities, water owners & managers, NGOs, scientists, and a wide range of business users all have a unique place within the platform which they can use to help in what they are doing. Fishprep utilises its user generated data to help make sure fish and fishing have a bright future.

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Why Fishprep?

We wanted to build a site that was not only useful for the angler but one that could help everyone involved in recreational fishing on the whole, the fish themselves and the nature we anglers spend time enjoying.

Something to use when preparing for a fishing trip, to learn, to store memories, log catches and tame the bug during the closed season or when you can’t make it to the water. Somewhere to be a little more fish nerdy, ask questions and figure things out.

Our dream is to grow a global network of anglers and professionals that are passionate about the waters they fish, something that is genuinely really useful for them. A place to share knowledge, both peer to peer and publically. Not a place to point out hotspots, but share basic information so that someone who stumbles across a water can find out the necessary information to fish it the right way. Somewhere to find the right people to guide them or advise them, find the relevant businesses and be well prepared to have a great adventure or try somewhere new. Then, if they catch something, log it so the people looking after the water can gain a greater understanding of what’s going on in their waters.


Log your catches with fishprep and the data may help the future of our sport. Catch data is made available on request by governmental agencies, conservationists and for scientific conservation purposes.


Once you have an idea of where you want to fish, open water pages to aid you in your preparation. Find out about species, local contacts, permit info, rules and regulations, tips and facilities. Boat ramps, disabled access and much more.


Explore waters all over the world. Browse the Fishprep map or use the search to find waters. Refine your search by selecting an area, water, target species, facilities and more.

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Fishprep is built by anglers, for anglers. Together we are the future of fishing!

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