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The fishing lake is set with in the peaceful grounds of Allerthorpe Lakeland Park, surrounded by mature woodland. The 3 acre coarse lake located to the side of the boating lake. You can drive along a track to a small car park nearer the lake. The lake has generous curves for serine fishing, stocked with double figure Carp as well as Tench, Roach, Rudd & Crucians to name but a few.

Fishing £5.00 – Day Ticket (Dawn – Dusk)



  • Allerthorpe Lakeland Park

    Rules (Dawn – Dusk)

    • A ticket must be purchased from reception.
    • Barbless hooks only.
    • All fish to be returned the lake.
    • No keep nets.
    • Landing nets to be dipped in disinfectant.
    • Hooks to be removed as carefully as possible.
    • No wading.
    • A current Environment Agency rod license must be held.
    • Litter must be bagged and deposited in a bin.

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