Daddy long legs mixed only 1.5£per a dozen ready for shipping

  1. Buzzers only 1.5£ per a dozen and from 500dozens free shipping
  1. Lures and dries only 2£ per a dozen and from 500 dozens free shipping
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  1. No Hayabusa hooks never straighten.feel free to order. Looking forward for your order,best regards Thomas
  2. Ok thats a shout. Will perhaps make a order
  3. Thanks looking forward for your order.please you can place your to my email a ddress regards Thomas

My names are Thomas Njoroge Nganga Miggflies flies fishing company based in Nairobi Kenya we do the and produce high quality artificial fishing flies and my prices are very competitive and negotiable.I do accept payments through PayPal.if interested you can contact me
Thanks and best regards Thomas

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