Who would have thought I could EVER forget to go fishing …….. Well I did…… What a plum.

My new home during my sessions @ Oakland for the coming campaign that starts on Friday the 18th …… Prey for Trev lol

Oakland Waters

Come over and join two of the best groups on Facebook All About Angling (Yorkshire) and Fishing With Friends (North) both my own managed groups ….. Come along and give us a look we could do with more members and followers

Sending out best wishes and tight lines to all my followers on fishprep

Welcome to you Dream Raiser Sportfishing I hope you\’ll check out my new group on Facebook All About Angling ……. Yorkshire feel free to join me and John Neville in our venture in fact the same goes for any of my followers here on Fishprep

Welcome Axel Anderson feel free to check out my two groups Fishing With Friends and All About Angling on Facebook

Welcome aboard Adam Howarth m8

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  1. Oakland Waters is mu usual venue of choice, Cats up to 60lb Carp up to 31+lb in just under 2.5 acres of water no deeper than 8ft at it's deepest point … Check out Fishing With Friends (The Pride) on Facebook my group 544 Anglers all ages many years experience to
  2. My not mu lol
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/292140711169736/?ref=group_header We have a new name and a new basic format Adam m8 we are associated with Emotland Ponds & activebaits.co.uk this association grants members of F.W.F as we members call it some discounts which only applies to members of the Facebook group why not pop along and give us a look over who knows you may like us and want to stay.

Come join me and my fellow Anglers like Mark Berryman did on Facebook …….. Fishing With Friends (The Pride) we are waiting to greet you my friends

Come on then people following me lets see those interesting shot’s of you rods, how good do these two offerings look

At the end of the session it is not about how many fish you catch, it is about being at one with mother nature and at peace with my demons, though the fish like 3 x Wels Catfish are a bonus, at 12lb 08oz 20lb 11oz and 13lb on the nose, it is about what you learn at the beginning and at the end …. what to put right for the next session and what to continue doing next time.

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