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Set in twelve acres of tree-lined countryside, which consists of two mixed coarse lakes (Horseshoe & Round lake) a Roadside carp lake and a Specimen lake every aspect of fishing is covered.

This is a family run fishery and Steve or Claire can always be found out and about on the lakeside or in the cafe.

  • CAFÉ – Café Opens On A Weekend Or Through The Week By Request.
  • BAIT SHOP -Open All Week For A Range Of Bait And Accessories


We now have a facebook page, you can find us by searching Oakland Waters


This year we have extended our Bait and Accessories Shop. Selling a full range of bait, for both the coarse and specimen angler. From maggots to boilies and corn to pellets these can all be found here. As well as a range of those essentials hooks, disgorgers and a whole host of other items.


If you do not have the correct fishing tackle for the lake you wish to fish, you will be refused a day/24hr ticket.

Fishery Ticket Information and Booking

Adults £6.00

Under 14s £4.00

Specimen Lake £10 Day ( 7am – 9pm Only) Or £20 24hrs Booking Is Required. Please Note All Non Members Will Be Required To Pay At Time Of Booking. Payments Can Be Made Via Credit/Debit Card, Paypal Secure Terminal.

Should You Wish To Cancel Your Booking Please Contact Us On The Telephone Number Below And We Will Issue You A Full Refund.

Match Bookings Are Available

Please Contact Claire On 01405 860756 Or Oaklandwaters@Btopenworld.Com For Details And Available Dates.

We have a Bait and Accessories Shop should you need anything while you are with us. Selling a full range of bait, for both the coarse and specimen angler. From maggots to Boilies and corn to pellets these can all be found here. As well as a range of those essentials hooks, disgorgers and a whole host of other items.



  • Oakland Waters

    Fishery Rules:

    • Children Under 16 Must Be Accompanied By An Adult At All Times.
    • Each Person Must Have A Landing Net And Use It.
    • All Fish To Be Landed With A Landing Net.
    • Fishing Is From 7am Till Dusk Only, Unless Night Fishing The Specimen Lake.
    • No Fish To Be Removed From Site, Anybody Caught Doing So Will Be Prosecuted
    • Barbless Hook Only. Micro Barbed May Be Used In The Specimen Lake Only.
    • No Keepnets, Unless In Pre-Booked Matches (Supplied By Fishery)
    • Fishing Allowed Only From Designed Pegs
    • Anglers Must Remain Close To The Lake And Not Interfere With Other Anglers, Wildlife Or Vegetation.
    • A Current Rod Licence Is Required
    • The Owners Reserve The Right To Ask Any Person Who Does Not Adhere To Any Of The Above Rules To Leave
    • Please Treat The Fish With The Up Most Care To Protect Them And Your Fishing
    • All Wire Traces Must Be Coated To Protect The Fish. These Can Be Purchased From The On Site Bait Shop If Required.
    • No Treble Hooks Allowed When Pike Fishing, Doubles Only.
    • Single/Lip Hook Only For Live Baits.
    • Live Baits To Be Purchased Only From Ourselves, In The Interests Of Disease Prevention.
    • Anyone Caught Bringing  Fish On To These Premises Will Incur A Life Ban.
    • Strictly No Admittance To These Lakes After 8pm.
    • A 42″ Landing Net Is Required By All Specimen Anglers Wishing To Fish.
    • Over 18s Only Allowed On The Specimen Lake.
    • No Children Are Allowed To Stay In Bivvies Over Night.
    • Excessive Drinking Of Alcohol Will Not Be Tolerated And You Will Be Asked To Leave.
    • Anyone Taking Drugs In Any Shape Or Form Will Not Be Allowed On Site.

    Rules for Pike Anglers:

    Please read before commencing fishing.

    The owners and management reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who does not adhere to any of the following or who they do not deem competent to fish.

    • Double Hooks Only, No Trebles Allowed.
    • Single Hook Only To Be Used For Live Bait.
    • No Gags To Be Used.
    • Unhooking Mats Must Be Used. (Available To Purchase)
    • No Night Fishing For Pike.
    • No Spinning Or Lure Fishing Allowed.
    • No Fishing For Own Live Baits.
    • Live Bait Only Allowed If Purchased From Oakland Waters.
    • 20lb Minimum Main Line On Minimum 2.5lb T.C Rods.
    • 20lb Plus Carbo Flex Trace Must Be Used.
    • No Back Hooked Fish, Lip Hook Only.
    • All Anglers Must Have A 42” Landing Net, Forceps, Long Nosed Pliers And Cutters. (Available To Purchase)
    • Anglers Must Stop In Their Own Peg And Not Leave Rods Unattended.
    • All Runs Must Be Struck Immediately On Take.
    • Tackle And Rigs Will Be Checked Regularly.
    • On A Three Rod Set Up Only Two Can Be Live Bait At Any One Time.
    • Junior Anglers (Under 16) Must Be Accompanied By An Experienced Pike Angler Who Must Be Responsible For Their Actions.

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  1. I am also one of the crew gathering there on Apr 13th for 3/4 nights on the back pegs, so looking forward to meeting some of the Fishing With Friends people Luke Windrow and Adam Smith plus others….. roll on April 13tth

  2. Looking forward to March 18th and my start to this years campaign at Oakland send Claire & Steve my kind regards for allowing me the pleasure of a 2nd year there my membership will be well worth it.

  3. Love the place.

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