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Northingales Fishing Ponds are situated on the edge of Ryther Road, just outside the historic village of Cawood, North Yorkshire.

Occupying around 1.5 acres the larger fishing lake re-opened on 1st April 2013 and has approximately 20 pegs in total.

By no means a commercial water Northingales Ponds is a very varied mixed fishery containing large head of Carp, Bream, Tench, Perch, Crucians, Barbel, and Silver Fish, of which some run well into specimen size.

Tactics are Pole, Waggler or Feeder and depths range from 6-9 feet below the rod tip.

The key to success here as always is to plumb the depth, where maggot and caster score well for the silver fish whilst corn, bread and meat account for the larger species.

First opened 1st April 2013, after many years of being unfished, Northingales Ponds, Cawood had re-opened its gates to the public.


The fishery provides 2 types of ticket for purchase:

Weekend Day Tickets (sat-sun) £5 for 2 rods max

Annual Permits (mon-sun) £65 per year (limited to 20 anglers only)


  • Northingales Pond
    • No night fishing
    • Barbless hooks only
    • 2 Rods max
    • No keepnets
    • No litter of any kind (please –  no tins to be brought on site)

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