3 trout caught on home-made flies, 2lb 2, 2lb 3, 2lb 7

Meon Springs
  1. I caught 8 fish yesterday and lost 4, the biggest was 9 pounds, then 5, then the rest were about 3 pound. They were caught on bread off the top mostly, others caught on maggots and some on sweet corn. There is no need for boilies most of the time, as spam also works well and so do earth worms.

I caught these three on Tuesday all under 3lbs. It was a sunny day and I was fly fishing. Two were caught on flies that I had made and designed myself.

I caught this 7lb 12 oz rainbow on the last catch of the day. It was caught on a homemade fly.
Seen on the bottom right of those I had tied, and it has never failed me.

Dever Springs Fishery – Two Lakes
  1. Great catch. Seems to be in good condition too. The fish I mean .
  2. lol thanks

I caught 2 carp 2 eel and 13 rudd, yesterday, on wednesday I caught 4 trout around 3lb but have lost the pictures

I caught these two on Tuesday 2nd May on a home-made fly, which is a black and orange nymph.

Meon Springs

these three trout caught first Tuesday of the month.

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