Looks like Salt Lake Lodge Fiji is back open for business! Visit us at www.saltlakelodgefiji.com and see availability and rates on our booking partners booking.com

If you guys are interested the resort is called Salt Lake Lodge. Website is www.saltlakelodgefiji.com you can also check out the fishing action on instagram @fishingsavusavu

  1. Just amazing
  2. Acey this is Sean from Mydo Fishing Lures...I only saw your post now?! I am on umzimkulu@gmail.com of you would like to chat lures...anytime. Tx man!


Just ordered 2 of the Penn Pursuit II Saltwater Spinning reels. Does anyone use them and have any review to share? Just wanted something lighter to chase Spotted Grouper and small Trevally in and around the coral reefs.

  1. https://youtu.be/jaHoRhRDzO4 Look good Ace, just checked them out on youtube! Tight lines mate :-)

Boats still dirty..and still catching fish!

We fish in a tidal salt river, a 100 acre salt lake as well as the Koro sea in the beautiful South Pacific ocean

Another day at Salt Lake Lodge in the Fiji Islands. What are you waiting for?

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