Bring on the new season. The cabin fever has properly set in and we have seriously neglected our account here. Here’s to the spring! 🎣 #livetofish #thegreatoutdoors #naturetherapy #flyfishing

Beat 3 – River Halladale

The moment you realise your totally obsessed with whats bellow the surface.

Do you remember when the bug caught you?

Lake Louise
  1. 5 or 6 years old when a salmon jumped out the water just a meter or so away from where I was standing. One of the only vivid memories from that age.
  2. I was 10 and my dad now passed away bought me a Cork handle'd 2 piece 8ft Mitchell fishing rod and a Diawa 501 close faced reel, he put me some 3lb line on it set up in the back garden and taught me to cast. Telling me "Get the washer in the baby bath I'll take you to Balne Moor Ponds" Four casts later I shouted him, "Dad pack the gear up" lol
  3. LOL! I was 5 and my dad took me to Battersea Park after school one friday, if i learned how to cast a float in the back garden. After that we used to go every week!!

We might have meant to post this last week 😉. The second half still counts.

May your lines be tighter than ever before next year!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us this year on, exciting times ahead. We are really excite for next year.

Happy new year and tight lines.

Could you live here?

How many of you can say that fishing has had a positive affect on your life?

It’s really not all about the fishing is it?

This kids fascination with what he is watching might well turn into a life of thinking about fishing, dreaming about fishing and fishing. Essentially living for nature.
Can anyone say thats a bad thing for him?

Fishing is in my blood and the simple fact that it pulls me out into nature has given me the greatest most valued moments in my life, with my family, friends and on my own. It’s connected me to this world in unexplainable ways. It’s helped me cope with darker times and overwhelmed me with gratitude on almost every occasion. It’s helped me realise what an incredible world we live in.

Fishing is not an exclusive club, not any discipline of it. Some kids might not have fishing parents or friends but have fishing in their blood. We want fishprep to become a home for them to find and nurture their passion for the water. Eventually we want it to teach them how to get on the water and do the right thing by nature.

Thank you so much for being here on Fishprep. Its not got all the answers yet but it’s growing and we have some really great members helping to add info to help get people out there.
All the very best,
Mark @ fishprep.

The face says it all.

Beat 2 – Halladale river

Fishing is life for some of us.
The opportunity to discover that is everything and one of the reasons we are building this fishing information site. Find and share here on

Thanks for sharing your incredible fishing experiences here on fishprep.
Have you tried adding a water to our map?
Don’t add your secret spots but if you want to promote a water please add it. Your information may help someone and the water in more ways than you can imagine.

All the very best and tight lines.

Lake Tahoe

Without wild fish these habitats will be destroyed.
Fish farms are disease ridden environments that are having a devastating effect on wild fish populations.
Say NO wherever you can to open cage fish farming and nature will do it’s thing.

Lucky for some of us, size is not everything…
Share it all here on fishprep.

  1. We once had a angling club competition, the first price was R1000-00 for the biggest fish. Only one fish was caught for the day, one the same size. That was fish was 50 mm long.

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