Pike Species
8.2 kg Weight
108 cm Length
Nedre Risshyttesjön Location
New pb on pike! 8,22kg
Perch Species
0.4 kg Weight
Unknown Length
Unknown Location
After a really slow year for me I finally started to catch little bigger fish!
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  1. Thanks Mark! Ye I've heard that it's a pretty good place! I don't have a boat so I don't think I can fish there, you can't reach that place from land? But when I buy a boat I will definitely try that place!
  2. You can reach it from the south side (Gustafs side). I know the guy who owns the land, let me speak to him and come back to you. Thats the side you want to be on anyway I think. Also a few Rainbow and Brown trout up there.
  3. Ye I think I know what place you are talking about! My friend was talking about that place! Ye talk to him see whats he says! Ye that would be fum to catch! Hopefully we are getting a boat soon so you can fish att better places! It's hard to fish in älven from land!
Pike Species
7.8 kg Weight
104 cm Length
Dalälven Våbäck Location
caught this pike today on my perch rod! it was a really good and fun fight, it was my personal best to! :D
  1. Well done Markus! beautiful fish in a hard bit of water.
  2. thank you mark! ye älven is a hard lake to fish in! and it was my first fish of the year when i was casting, so it's a good start to this year. A dream fish!

Härlig dag ute på isen!

Stora Mörttjärn
Brown trout Species
0.5 kg Weight
37 cm Length
Stora Mörttjärn Location
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  1. Oh no! That was me and my family making all the noise up the lake in that case. how funny! Did either of you catch anything on Saturday? I was mainly focusing on the pike and making hotdogs.
  2. yee the pictures on the trouts are from saturday! yee i have never fished for pike on mörttjärn, only trout and pearch! dad and I used rödingblänke and 10cm line under it and maggots on the hook, worked really well!
  3. Ah nice. Normally I am fishing for trout there but this time I was trying to do them a favour . We had one pike take but It did not make it to the hole. Maybe go up again at the weekend.

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