It has been a while since I came on to fish prep, every time I was going to fish the weather did a funny turn. I don’t mind the wet or the cold, but I do not want to arrive wet and cold, so I postponed my trip. I did get out for a morning at Rush Lyvars Hedon, They are undergoing some changes, introducing a third pond with cats in it. I fished the coarse pond, managed 3 F1’s to 4 1/2 pound. Was nice to get out and break my 2018 duck.
Tight lines to all.

Not been out recently, been busy. Am hoping to get out and flick a lure at the pike in the river Hull next week. Will up date when done.

A peaceful afternoon, undisturbed by big fish, bagged on rudd, rpach, skimmers and a perch instead.
Am told there are big bream and carp in here, they dont seem to like my bait.

I had a guided day on West Beck near Driffield, my guide was Will Robins of Mulberry Whin.
We walked the bank stalking the trout, I was using a sedge dry fly. We saw a few fish, greyling and trout, but they were not rising at this stage.
I cast the fly quite a few times, I had lost a little accuracy, but eventually got it right on the trouts nose, up he came and sipped in my fly. A short fight later and he was at the bank, a couple of pound of wild brownie. (Wild, he was livid) I caught and released 2 more before lunch.
After lunch we took the other beat, we saw a lot of feeding fish, but they were taking nymphs. I tried with the nymph but it didn\’t go as well.
Swapped back to the dry fly and moved back down the beat, saw a large trout feeding under a bush. Took me 9 casts to present the fly properly, but up he came and took it in. I struck and he was on, he dived for the weed, I held him back. Then he leapt and turned and I watched my hook come out.
We called it a day at that, 3 landed and released, 1 that got away.

Had a couple of trips out recently, but been saving myself for a day of fly fishing on West Beck this coming Thursday. I have a new set of equipment and after setting it up want to get out and catch something. Will let you know how it goes. Tight lines all.

My first Barble, weighed in at 7 lbs in old money.

Not posted for a while, didn’t have much to say! Went out for a day to a local water, the challenge set by fishing tackle shop owner was how many silvers on the same maggot.
I set up and flicked a couple of grubs in, they were taken almost off the surface, so I cast in and got a bite on the drop, 1 roach and one chewed up grub! I only managed 3 fish on the same maggot, the chap in the shop suggested 10 as his best.
I also landed amongst the 60 or 70 fish caught, skimmers, hybrids, perch and 2 gudgen! I hadn’t caught gudgen for 30 years it was a trip down memory lane,
Happy days!

At last some pictures of my 3 lb lady (gent actually) sorry took so long.

Today I did a half day fly fishing experience, what a great day. I went to Mulberry Whin near Driffield, my guide Will took me to the river. We saw fish at all points on the river, but as the grayling are spawning we tried to avoid them. They did not avoid my fly, took a small female on nymph, then a 3lb male also on nymph.
Then hooked into a 2 lb Brown Trout, all fish returned to fight another day.
I would definitely do this again.

Went for a quick splasy last Thursday, the carp lake at Risby. I fished near the island using a method feeder.
I found it very accurate to cast and I could get close to the island, there is a weeping willow on the feature.
I had caught 2 common and 5 mirrors to about 3 pound, was getting ready to pack up, one last cast! Itvwas perfect right under the tree about 2 feet from the bank. My tip twitched and I lifted, yes there was a fish, hanging out of the water where my feeder had gone over a branch.
I lowered th fish back in the water and waited for it to get off my hook, then a quick jerk retrieved my feeder.
It was definatly time to pack up now!
No fish was hurt in the making a fool of myself.

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