Fish now, ask fer forgivness later!

  1. Rise early before she's awake and stand the s**t when you get back lmao

1 of the mainy reasons he got my vote!!

  1. so it has been brung to attention to me that this is a paintshop job, I am very embarrassed that I have voted for this man on false pre-tenses, impeach this man
  2. False is a good word to describe that guy.
  3. yes dick hes a false profit

Thankful to finally have a president who will stand up for fishing rights and hopefully let us fish the parks year-round!

GONE FISHIN! (don’t tell the wife)


Who likes fishin?!?!

Fresh water or salt water? big questions for big day!

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  1. For me?..... If there are fish in there.....i'm fishing it! I do it all
  2. Salt water,,, no good for the hangover,,,, fresh water just the water ya need! Aorry,,,, I'm talkin drink no fishin again! But gotta combine fish and drink! Good tims,,,, good times we use to have,,,, makes me think,,, just drop it all Cyrus,,,, let er go,,,,,,, miss ya mort
  3. miss u two budder

Anyone have a truck I could borroqw? Canada please.

  1. DM me please thank you
  2. whoa that was fast, thanks Gary for the truck, how did you get my email so fast?

who got some good fish holes in canada?

  1. heres about u get your mouth hole off my wall?? say what ya want bout my rods an lines but keep it off my page bud

A fish inthe hand is 2 in a bush

Hey, wo
ndering what time you’ll be home tonite, giomme a call k?

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