After delivering a Kung Turbo XL to Jocke Brewitz I got this lovely catch report. A pike 6,68kg. He received a total of four pike the first evening.

New turbos looking for new homes.
8cm 35g sinking and they have a nice side to side movement.

The latest order, a King Turbo 100g. Simply attach the eye, and then a few coats of clear varnish.

We at Custombaits have specialized in making freshwater predator fishing lures. The main materials we use are wood and plastic. Our fishing lures are engineered to appeal to a fishes’ sense of territory, curiosity or aggression.
But what makes our fishing lures even more special is that they are custom made.
When ordering your lure from our website, you can chose both colour and the shape. You can even choose if the lure should be sinking or floating. We can create both jerkbaits and crankbaits in different sizes. You can also choose if the crankbait should be deep diving or shallow running.
To put it in other words, we will let YOU design the perfect lure, 100% personalized. Or, If you do not wont to spend your time on designing the lure, you can choose from our gallery some of the lures we already designed for you.
What is even better, you can order your lure directly from our website by following simple steps on our “Order” page.
We are Custombaits. Fishing is our passion. Let us take your fishing game to a much higher level.
Have you already chosen your fishing lure?

This new bait from seeking a new home. Length 13cm weight 50g

Denna Kung turbo simmar i dom värmländska vattnen efter en sista prov simning. 8cm lång 38 gram sjunkande med en lugn sida sida gång. Lite ättrig vid snabbare hemtagning.

Det nyaste betet som är färdigt, Kung turbo i blå kostym 8cm lång och 35gram

We at Custombaits offers sport fishing shops, distributors and individuals who order from Custombaits can design their dream work, both in shape and color. We manufacture since your dream work for you. The baits as you design, we produce hand made of wood or a specially developed foammaterial and finish with 2-7 coats of varnish.

Do you need a bait or do you wish to design your own bait, look into the

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