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Renowned as one of London and Essex premier fly fishing destinations. Brown and Rainbow trout fishing in London with fish up to 23lbs. Well worth a cast. Stunning surroundings very close to the heart of London. 


  • Thornwood Springs


    • Pure barbless hooks at all times  8 lbs+ breaking strain line to be used.

    • No boobies.

    • No more than 2 flies at once. 

    • No rod sharing.

    • No dogs

    • A suitable sized landing net carried at all time with a priest.

    • All fish to be released are kept in the water at all times.

    • All catch returns are told to management including how many C & R and nil returns. 

    • All litter is taken home.

    • Tickets to be purchased prior to fishing.

    • Rod licence must be valid


    All brown, blue, tiger trout and golden rudd are all catch and release as well as rainbows over 6 lbs !!!

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