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Övre Risshyttesjön is a beautiful lake and very quiet. We have camped on the shores of the lake many times. The views are stunning and the water is crystal clear. There is an untouched feeling as you walk the untamed banks of the lake. 

We have had a good number of perch and a couple of pike whilst casting from the banks. 


  • Trolling:
  • Net:
  • Boating allowed:
  • Motor boat:
  • Separate boat permit required:
  • Camping:
  • Fireplaces:
  • Swimming: 1
  • Övre Risshyttesjön

    Fish in any of Gustaf fishing management area 25 waters.

    Day license:  50 SEK

    Annual pass, 150 SEK

    Printed confirmation comes as the fishing license.

    Children under 16 fish for free with adults who have a permit.

    – Fishing license valid for hook and line fishing only (max 10 fish) in the waters of Gustaf Fiskevårdsområde (Gustafs fishing committee). Holders of a fishing license is required to bring the fishing card and on demand show that the owners of fishing or guardian.


    Special days / lakes

    Contact Gustaf FVO for info, Stefan Hedin: 070-795 96 94



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