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The Goldenloch is a 10 /12 acre still water in central Scotland, tranquil surroundings in a uniquely peaceful place for prime quality fishing, relax and enjoy boat or bank, fishing for quality Brown, Rainbow, Blue trout, we cater for the discerning angler that enjoys his of her fishing, no pressure, stocked regularly with 1st quality fish that are approx 1 kilo (2.2 lbs), a wildlife haven with regular summer daily visits from Ospreys and many other bird species, you will not be disappointed. 

Open 8am – 8pm or later Monday – Sunday


  • Catch limit per day: 2 fishes
  • Restricted species: Blue Trout, Brown trout, Rainbow trout
  • Method only: Strictly Traditional Flies only,
  • Trolling:
  • Net:
  • Forbidden methods: Strictly Traditional Flies only,
  • Boating allowed:
  • Electric motor only
  • Separate boat permit required:
  • Other: Distance from neighbouring boat 20 metres
  • Camping:
  • Fireplaces:
  • Swimming: 1

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  1. Great wee trout loch in an area of outstanding beauty have fished regularly over the last 2 years friendly owner with a fund of advice and stories well fitted out fishing lodge with toilet, kettle ,microwave and shelter on a bad day seats around the loch for bank anglers with about 7 boats on the water .Plenty of wild life and the occasional visit from a pair of ospreys

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