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This is a beautiful slow flowing section of the Dalälven river. 

Fishing from the bank s very good if your float fishing for perch, bream, roach and the occasional Id. If your planning a day out with your kids and you can access the river bank then you are sure to connect with fish.

If your hunting for pike I think there are few places offering such a large average sized fish but they are not easy to catch. The shallows in the warmer months are teaming with bait fish and the predators can be found where the river shelves off into the deep and around the inlets. 

If you are targeting pike in the summer or anytime really, trolling past and casting around the small tributaries is effective. Having said this we have caught the biggest fish trolling the middle of the river. There are a few deep holes in the river up to and around 30M deep, always worth a few casts. For this you will need a sonar and should pick up fish on that. I recommend having a large variety of lures ready and swap them around quite regularly. When you hit a fish that lure normally fishes well for the rest of the day.

There is every chance of picking up a Zander on the river but I have never had one.

Perch fishing on smaller lures can be incredible if the timing is right. Using smaller shallow lures also attracts the big pike in the warmer months.

There are a few Rainbow trout in this section of river and they are huge. Some recorded over  7kg. But Going out targeting them may be a waste of time to be honest as with the brown trout.

There is good bank fishing for Bream, various bait fish and my favourite which is Id, they can grow huge in this river and they are really fun on the fly.


  • Restricted species: Brown trout
  • Trolling:
  • Net:
  • Boating allowed:
  • Motor boat:
  • Separate boat permit required:
  • Camping:
  • Fireplaces:


  1. Vart har man lyckats hitta på Regnbågar i den älven? Jag har fiskat på olika platser i älven under hela mitt liv och har då bara sett små gäddor, små abborrar, mört och feta braxar…. Därav så har jag övergett älven och fiskar enbart på Runn numera där man får fisk. Senaste gäddan som jag fick i älven var smal som en snok.

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