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Älvkarleby is home to some of the largest salmon and sea trout you will find anywhere in Europe. Fish have been recorded over 25kg in weight.

The sport fishing centre on location offers sale of fishing licenses and basic tackle supplies and the people working there are very nice and helpful.

Here the fishing can be great. Sometimes a little crowded during the high season but fishes well throughout the season. Recommend you have a range of lines if your fly fishing. There can be huge volumes of water going through the beat and its quite deep so certainly have a fast sinking tip in your arsenal. Big dark tubes for the sea trout seem to work well and smaller brighter flies for the salmon.

Salmon begin to appear in larger numbers in mid-June and lasts until late July. The best period is normally the weeks around midsummer. 


The village has various accommodation and amenities. A great pizza restaurant and grocery store.     Check out www.alvkarlebyfiskecamp.se  for great accomodattion on the waters edge


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