February- 17th- 2019, Week 7

Isn’t it nice to feel and think that spring is just around the corner, there is something wonderful about, snowdrops, daffodils, crocuses’, trees in blossom, buds coming out, as a child it meant to me the end of having to wear a Duffel coat, {most horrible thing ever} for anglers it must mean the dreams of sitting by a babbling brook catching a few fish, or relaxing in a boat with the sun beaming down on crystal clear water starring at rising trout, early season Fly fishing is however amazing, it should be a real pleasure, well if it wasn’t for the cold, windy weather you, one would also think by the amount of guys fishing these past few days, it was a mid summers day, and equally the catches over the past few days would have indicated similar, so why is this happening in mid February, how is it like this, well it would seem that the fish are stuffed with snails and shrimps, like they are full of energy it may be that they have been ice bound, the water is on examination equally as active, Corixa I would say being the most noticeable, also silver water beetles and shrimps, so with clear water and a temperature rise of nearly a whole 2 degrees up from 1.5 to a blistering 3.5 degrees, or could it just be something simpler like the sun was out and the fish responded by the rays getting down into the deeper water and getting onto the fish, this I believe would be the better answer, which ever answer it is the anglers all enjoyed catching a heap of fish, Les and Neil from Kirkcaldy having a great days sport, it was great on Thursday, Neil Christie, Lochgelly getting 5 on a Montana, Brian Stuart, Dundee, 10 on a cormorant, D Braid, Kettle hills, 7 Darin Taylor, 12 confirmed, loll, A Gray 3 returned, Dan Peach 12 Greenwell glory, Silver Invictas, Trev Peach Corixa, Les Gunn 9, J Darling 3, Rod Thaw 9, the list goes on B Dewar 18, A Burns 12, George Murphy 13, Last off on Sunday and I thought they had a poor day, but it turned out big smiles Davie Fiel and Euan McFarlane, using a nymph between them had 10, so long may it continue, Black cormorant, Montana flies, believe it or not loads caught on buzzers and diawl bachs, everybody happy no blanks.

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